Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quilted Buttercream Wedding Cake

Hi all! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! This little number is a quilted wedding cake I delivered to the Sheraton Read House some time ago. The happy couple wanted a cute quilted pattern, but they were not especially fond of fondant. Haha... challenge time! I iced the cake nice and smooth and then, armed with only a 36-60-90 ruler and a hot spatula, I set out cutting facets into the surface of the buttercream. By cutting the "V" shape, it really made the pattern stand out quite well. There was a little math involved to get everything just so, but then there's always that, right?

This week is crazy so I'm keeping this post short. I have an upside-down groom's cake booked for the weekend, so there's a ton of prep work to do!



  1. Exquisite cake! I love all the attention to detail you put into you work, it's stunning! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a great New Year!

  2. Thank you guys! I do try and I am glad that people who also do beautiful work notice my efforts. We see our "stuff" everyday and we forget how far we have come. The first cake I tried this method on was ....not as pretty. :) Happy New Year!

  3. This is a stunning piece. I adore the elegance of the quilted pattern.

  4. Saw your site on CakeWrecks comment.

    I love this cake. So clean... Awesome job =)


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