Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My My My My Poker Cake!

If you're a fan of poker, you're sure to go "Ga-Ga" over this poker cake!

 It's a wonky cake covered in fondant with fondant stripes.  I cut out the card suits (hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds) and had them lining some of the stripes.

I even put Chad to work on this one.  He scanned some of our playing cards and found some poker chip insert graphics.  He printed them all out on the edible image printer.

We cut out the poker chips from fondant and then used white luster dust to paint the white stripes on the chips.

This was for Owen's 21st birthday, so we put the Ace and Jack of Spades together (a "21" in Blackjack) and Chad even photoshopped a "Happy 21st Birthday Owen" on the face of the Ace.  All in all, we were both very pleased with how the cake came out! 


  1. What a fun cake! Love the deep colors!

  2. Amazing!! That is the best interpretation of Poker Chips and Cards I have ever seen!


  3. A whole new take on poker, gorgeous

  4. Gorgeous cake! I love the syle and all the added decorations on it!

  5. Love it! What a cute idea, and great blog! PS: love the title of this post :)

  6. Thanks to all for your "sweet" comments! And to Sweet Dreams Cupcakes, thanks for noticing and appreciating the blog post title. We have been singing that song (with the "poker cake" lyrics) ever since we started on that cake! It's hilarious! Maybe we should do a video??

  7. Amazing! Your work is flawless x


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