Friday, March 5, 2010

Pack Your Bags!

I made this luggage cake as a retirement cake for a woman who wanted to spend her golden years jet setting around the globe.

This cake is mostly buttercream, but the straps. handle, and other accents were made from fondant.  We even used the edible image printer to make a luggage tag and a passport cover.  A small spray of gumpaste flowers completed the package.  It sure was nice that a cake took LESS time than I planned!

One of the best tools I ever bought was a "ribbon cutter".  It is such a simple thing that I use every week!  I wish I would have textured the straps with a "leather" type print.  I've been looking at rolling pins for textures on things, but they are so expensive.  I have two, one with floral pattern and one with a wood texture.  Does anyone have a cheap source? 

I would love to make vacation plans after doing this cake!  How about you?


  1. I hope to travel someday too! That's a beautiful cake! Excellent Job!

  2. gorgeous cake! i can't believe it's buttercream! it's so smooth! lovely detailing! i agree with you that the textured rolling pins are so expensive..esp. the acrylic ones..everytime i see one i like and the price i would put it away. lol!


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