Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trevitt Hall Monogram Wedding

I left this little buttercream wedding cake in the very capable hands of the Trevitt Hall staff this weekend.

It looks a bit plain now, but I'm sure that once the florist finished putting some fresh flowers on this it really popped into life!

Bottom tier has a half scroll pattern, the middle tier has some dainty swiss dots, and on the top tier, the couple's monogram with a pearl border.  All tiers are finished with a black ribbon border with a fondant pearl overlay.

The pearls were made from a fondant mold, and I used my incredible Cricut Cake to do that monogram.  It was so thin that I was afraid it might not cut well, but it cut through the chilled Fondarific like nobody's business!

Oh, I almost forgot!!  Chad and I signed up for the Food Blog Forum Seminar in Atlanta in September!  Anyone else going to be there???


  1. I love the half-scroll design. You guys are so multi-talented - it is great to see a designer who can do elegant wedding cakes, fun grooms cakes and crazy sculpted cakes.

  2. I don't know how the florist could improve this beautiful cake!

  3. Lovely! It doesn't even look real!

  4. What a wonderful cake. Last week I did use my cricut cake also, what a great idea to chill the fondant.

  5. @Pink Little Cake - Kathia, I chill everything I put in my Cricut Cake, even gumpaste. I find that even 5 minutes in the fridge/freezer takes away some of that "give" and gives me much cleaner cuts.

  6. I like it without the flowers. Just beautiful. I also love the half-scroll pattern. Not so busy looking. Perfection again.

  7. so pretty!! i love the piped swirls! And i'm just in awe how you get your buttercream so smooth and with such sharp edges! awesome!

  8. Love the wedding cake above. It's just simple but unique. Thumbs up for sharing this.


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