Friday, July 16, 2010

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

I spent hours putting pearls on this cake, but once it was said and done, I was very happy with it,  It has a simple elegance that would fit in at almost any wedding.

This 5 tiered beauty was monstrously large though.  I deliver all my cakes in my hatchback, and this thing barely fit in there.  To beat it all, on the way to the clubhouse (which is riddled with cake-killing speed bumps) this lady rode my bumper almost the whole way there.  She finally did get close enough that she saw the cake and backed off, but it still made a stressful drive even more so, and unnecessarily at that!

I have magnetic car signs on my door that advertise my business, but I have often thought about getting a sign for the rear of car that says something like "Cake Delivery Vehicle".  Do any of you use anything like that on your delivery vehicles?  If so, what wording did you use??

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  1. Is this covered in fondant or buttercream? Your cakes are absolutely amazing. I wanna be like you when I grow up! ;-)

  2. Hi Lisa! Only the oval that the monogram sits on is fondant (Fondarific to be exact). The rest is buttercream and pearl dragees. And thanks for the compliment!

  3. Wow it's stunning! I had a cake I was taking to a party (although only one little tiny one) and I was going over this bridge (bump, bump, bump) 30 mph and i was wishing I could put a sign out so that peopel wouldn't hate me!! lol. A sign sounds like a great idea! Especially when you have such a huge delicate piece of edible art in the vehicle! :)

  4. That cake is flawless. I love it!. You are amazing.

  5. ha! Sounds like you need's magnet:

  6. Flawless, love it. I want one of those cakecentral sign how awesome!

  7. I found a cake car magnet that says:
    Cake Delivery

    Beautiful execution on your cake!

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  9. Hi there do you use an impression mat to get the dots on there first then add the sugar pearls or did you do it all by eye ... if you did use a impression mat what one is it as I am in the uk and would like to purchase something to make it easier to line up the dots or if you could suggest something that would be superb x thank you so much xx Suzi

    1. Hi Suzi! I do use and impression mat as a guideline for the pearl placement. I like Earlene's impression mats:

      But I am not sure if they are available in the UK - just search your favorite cake site for "dot impression mat".


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