Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pink Pleated Swags

This weekend I delivered a cake to the Cleveland Country Club.  The bride and groom were super great to work with!  They decided to go DIY with their florals; didn't they do the best job?

When I arrived at the venue, they had the flowers for the cake all ready for me.  I arranged them on the cake and then the groom popped in and gave his approval.  And then the photographers ran in and wanted to take pictures of ME placing flowers on the cake.  I relented and let them, as I'm sure such photos won't make it to the final album!!

Well, I'm keeping it short and sweet this week.  Make sure to keep voting for Icing Smiles in the Pepsi Refresh Project so you can win that coveted autographed Cake Wrecks book (see last post)!  The winner will be announced on Friday!!!

Have a great week and good luck!!


  1. absolutely gorgeous! so refined. I would choose something like this for my wedding

  2. Oh so gorgeous! Beautiful work and photo!

  3. You are amazing! Another stunning cake! And the flowers look great too!

  4. Gorgeous and great placement of the flowers. I bet that picture of you looks great - makes sure you get a copy of it!

  5. Beautiful cake!! And Gorgeous drapes!! I haven't try draping yet..but i think it is not easy to do imo! If I ever need to do, can i ask you for advise? Thanks!

  6. your creations are absolutely amazing!!!
    thanks for popping by so I can "meet" you.


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