Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Custom Cake Stands Now Available!

For a while now I have been regaling you with tales of the cakes I do and some of the awesome custom cake stands that my awesome brother has been making for me!

And since he made the first one I have been nagging him to start a blog and start selling his wares.  I am so proud to announce that I have infected my brother with the blogging bug!  Not only that, but he also setup an Etsy shop to sell some of his cake stands!!

His Etsy Shop:
My Woodworking Solutions

His Blog:
MyWoodWorkingSolutions Blog

Please check out his site and check out some of his great designs.  I'm SO proud of him!!


  1. Finally! Awesome! Does he ship to Canada?

  2. @Juanita - I'm sure he will. His prices don't include shipping because he only charges actual shipping charges. If you see something you like, send him a message!

  3. Like his shop - very clever stands! May I borrow your brother for a cake I have coming up? :)

  4. @CD - No problem! Just contact him via his Etsy shop and let him know what you need. He can build anything!!

  5. So cool! I'm going to bookmark his page!


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