Friday, November 5, 2010

Retro Circle Wedding Cake

Thank Goodness It's Friday!  I thought I would showcase a fun little wedding cake.  This was another Chattanooga wedding cake - in fact this tall bubbly number went to the Tennessee Aquarium.

This is a pretty simple cake, just a fondant covered cake with blue and green gumpaste circles.

This cake does have a funny story to go with it.  Now I deliver cakes to the Tennessee Aquarium all the time, I even have a special little place to park around back on the loading dock.  But when I go to deliver this cake, there's a huge Bluegrass Festival going on, and the way to my safe, secure little loading dock is completely blocked off by barricades and festival goers.  So what's a girl to do??

I pulled into a little drive area that is in front of the aquarium, but still too far to carry a cake.  I wasn't even supposed to be there - it's for the carriages only.  After speaking with one of the staff, they decided that it would be best if I just popped up on the sidewalk and pull straight to the main entrance!

So I do, and as I'm riding on the sidewalk, I pass a policeman who is also on the sidewalk.  He is giving me a wild look so I roll down the window and say "I'm here with the cake."  Evidently, that was more than enough to satisfy him!!  Being that close to the door I was in and out in a flash!  I don't know if I can ever go back to the loading dock again!!


  1. Beautifully done. So crisp and clean - and fun colors. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this cake, very cleanly executed, the simplest cakes are the hardest to do sometimes and this is very well done, bravo!!!

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

  4. Hi Jenniffer,
    I'm a fan of your cakes--thanks for visiting my blog. Hope we can be blog friends too :-)
    Shirley ( pastry passion)

  5. It's perfect. I agree with the Cakerator, sometimes the simplest cake designs are the hardest because it has to be flawless and there is no room for error.

  6. I just love this cake, it is amazing and so funky.


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