Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rhinestones and Gold

I made this wedding cake a couple of weeks ago for a lovely couple at the Fairyland Club.  This is another in the "bling" series that have been all the rage with my brides these days.

I had great time making this cake, as this was my first experience with using these foam separators.  They worked well, I just covered them with fondant and painted them with pearl dust.  Luckily for me, I have found that Wedding White Fondarific matches my buttercream almost exactly.  It comes in very handy when I need to mix elements on a cake.

The rest of the cake is buttercream, except for the golden curls, which I also made from Fondarific that I extruded and then painted gold after they were placed on the cake.

The bling on this cake was all provided by the bride.  She bought the 5-row rhinestones and the rhinestone buckles (the center of each tier) while she and her fiance were visiting in New York.  It was the first thing they purchased for their wedding.

GIVEAWAY UPDATE:   Oh yeah, today's the day we announce the winner(s) of our Marshmallow giveaway.  We didn't get over 100 new "likes" on Facebook, but we decided to give away 2 tins anyway.  Congratulations to Maria and Jenna!  I will get your marshmallows in the mail within a week!


  1. How did you paint the golden curls on the cake without getting it on the rest of the cake?? Just very carefully or do you have a trick??

  2. @Lydia -A small tapered brush and a lot of patience.

    @Deeva -Thanks! You're going to make me blush! ;)

  3. wow...this is more than beautiful!

  4. I'm loving the "bling" series! I hope I get an order with some bling soon! As always, your buttercream is unbelievable perfect!

  5. I love this cake, so elegant! And those separators! I'm in love!!!

  6. GORGEOUS - just gorgeous.
    You must have one very steady hand whilst painting the scrolls when on the cake.

    Again - its beautiful.


  7. This is another in the "bling" series that have been all the rage with my brides these days. Perfect wedding cake!


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