Friday, October 7, 2011

Green & Brown Wedding Cake

As you read this, I'll be traveling to Nashville to attend a food blogger seminar put on by Food Blog Forum.  I guess technically I am a "food blogger" as I do blog about food, but I still feel a little isolated, because I'm certainly not the traditional food blogger.  But I always enjoy meeting new people, and the topics they discuss at the seminar are all very applicable.  I am especially looking forward to the food stylists panel.

Speaking of food styling, take the photo of this cake here.  It was the prettiest shade of green and brown.  I even took it outside to get some of that sweet, sweet natural lighting.  But no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get my colors represented properly in my picture.  It seems like any chocolate accents on my cake always come out very black looking.

It's something I hope I can ask at Food Blog Forum this weekend.  Hopefully I'll give you all the lowdown on Tuesday (or maybe Friday)!

Have  great weekend!!  You can follow the action real-time on Twitter with hashtag #FBFNash!


  1. I love those two tones together - just beautiful!

  2. So pretty! Did you try adjusting the white balance on your camera? Have fun at your Forum!!

  3. Hi Lynday! I showed this exact picture to Todd Porter of White on Rice at the forum and he recommended the same thing! I am still learning about my camera, and I have never adjusted the white balance. I looked it up in the manual and now I know how to do it! Thank you SO much for the suggestion!

  4. hey Jennifer, hope you had a great time at the forum! I need to find me one of those in Melbourne.
    I feel the same about being called a food blogger, maybe we should be called "sweet bloggers" instead :P

    your creations are simply amazing ♥


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