Friday, October 28, 2011

Purple Orchid Wedding Cake

I delivered this cake to a church in downtown Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago.  When we walked in the reception all we were greeted by a man with a huge punk mohawk that was directing some of the other people helping with the wedding with what to do.  He was really cool, but not someone you would expect to run into in a church!

I have said it before and I'll say it again... if you're going to be in the wedding business, you have to stay somewhat flexible.  In my contract, and on my sketches, this cake showed that it was supposed to have a bell topper on it.  But when I get to the reception hall, no one knows anything about a bell topper, but there is a small bucket of orchids labeled "for the cake".  Hmmm, no mention of flowers or orchids on the sketches or contract either.  Oh well, give me something pretty to work with and I'll add it on the cake.  The orchids actually looked really pretty with the purple ribbon on the cake.

There are some things I won't compromise on, but for the most part, staying flexible will make you and the client happy - and it will keep you from pulling your hair out!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Loving this buttercream cake! Have a great weekend. By the way... I left some comments for the bloggers on your last post, great talent! hopefully they can blog again.

  2. @sweeteatscakes - Thank you, I work really hard to get my butter cream smooth, and it really makes me happy when other bakers notice!

    @PinkLittleCake - I noticed Kathia, and I thank you for playing along. Maybe it will help them back on the wagon! I'll keep checking on them!

  3. Jenniffer, It was great to see you at the Chattanoogan Hotel Weeding Showcase. I hope that you and Chad had fun displaying your wonderful cakes and meeting potential customers.

    Awesome blog!

  4. Those are such perfect square & smooth tiers - I don't think people realize how hard is is to do that. You really have perfected it!

  5. @SweetThingsTO - Thank you Juanita, that really means a lot to me, especially coming from someone as talented as you! Squares are definitely harder, but I like the look so much!

  6. ha! i hear you about the "topper" and things getting mixed up or changed last minute... but you provided a gorgeous, perfect cake (your buttercream is BONKERS)and i am positive no one was the wiser without the "bell" !!

  7. This purple orchid wedding cake is really beautiful. I really love fresh wedding cake toppers. Thumbs up!


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