Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ruffle Ribbon Rose Wedding

We were asked to recreate an almost exact copy of a cake from the Pastry Studio.  I have been getting involved with some more FB groups and noticed people saying that you should ask permission before recreating a design that you copy.  I guess in a perfect world with lots of time and super polite people that may happen, but this is not that world.  I'm not going to lie and say that I ask other cake people, wrapping paper designers, or invitation designers for their permission when I draw inspiration from their designs.  I have friends that say they WILL NOT recreate another person's cake or even their own.  I have tried many times to sway a bride to my design but many times they are insistent on a certain cake with NO changes. 
I try to alter it but I can only push so much.  I don't want to lose the sale!  I would if I told them "No, you can't have what you love and dream of."  Does that mean I am an awful thief? I just can't accept that.  If you put your work out there to inspire brides and decorators, you shouldn't be mad when they want it.  I see copies of my stuff all the time, especially in my local area.  What I hate is when a local competitor knows your price for your cake and tries to undercut you to get the order, but that's a whole other topic.  I make sure to verbalize and have in my contract that my work will differ from another baker even when I'm trying to be exact.  I still feel guilty about using someone else's design and I won't be using these types of cakes on my new updated website in the future.

Please weigh in and feel free to tell me your thoughts on the matter.  We can have varying opinions and still be friends, right?


  1. Gorgeous cake! I agree, I always feel guilty about copying, however it is hard to copy - no room for error or adding your own flair. So it still requires so much talent to do so and more of your time to plan out. Because we see so many cakes designs - sometimes we design cakes thinking we are original, but then later we see the design :-) I try to leave a comment for the designer on their blog to tell them.

  2. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is. I've had my designs copied time and time again and it doesn't bother me AT ALL - whether they "ask permission" or not. I've also copied other designs over and over again without asking permission. There are so many millions of cake pictures out there - it's almost impossible to have a completely original design in the first place. Having said that, I do usually try to at least acknowledge where the design originated (if I know) and link to their site or Facebook page when I can. If it's a design that's been done dozens of times by different bakers, I don't usually try to track down the original - I just don't have that kind of time. The biggest thing I do NOT condone is when other bakers use my photos or claim my work as their own. I don't care if they remake the cake, take their own pics and claim the design - but DO NOT use my photos. That's when I get angry!

  3. I personally feel that drawing inspiration from something is totally different from ripping it off directly from them. Of course, when a client asks you to make a cake just like somebody else’s, you do it for the money, and so you cannot exactly claim that it is your own design, but it's still something you created. By the way, can I just say that that is such a lovely cake? Kudos! :)
    Kelsey Turner

  4. I have to agree with you and everyone else here in the comments. I have read that you should always ask permission when recreating a cake, but there are tons of the same cakes around, like you, I do not have the time to investigate who was the original cake designer. It is very time consuming. On occasions, I know who the designer is and I email them letting them know I will be recreating the cake, some of them reply and some not. I , personally do not like to copy an exact cake design , I feel pressure in terms of perfection. But there are people fixed in what they want and I can't make them change their mind, and of course I want to have the sale. It is hard to please everyone. Keep up the good work, this cake is so beautiful

  5. First, the cake is gorgeous! I try not to copy anyone else's work, but brides tend to want what they want. It is really hard to track down the original cake designer, and who knows, their idea might not be all that original either. I think the biggest thing, it the expectation to recreating the cake like the original artist. That puts a lot of pressure on me. Some artists (I'm a big fan of local cake artist Jim Smeal's intricate piping work), I don't even think about recreating their work.

    1. I LOVE Jim Smeal's work too! I emailed him a long time ago to see if he offered any classes and he was super nice - said he didn't offer classes but gave me some pointers instead. A genuinely nice guy!


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