Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandview Grooms Cake

While I was very disappointed in the pictures I took of this cake, I was very pleased with the cake itself.

When I took Mike McCarey's class some time ago, he said that he cut a lot of his cakes at an angle for static logos and that's what I did with this one (although you can't really tell it from the pics... grrr).  It does make it easier to see!

For the logo, I had Chad enlarge the logo onto card stock paper and then use poor man's laminate (packing tape) to seal both sides.  From that, I used the entire template to cut the light blue edging (using modeling chocolate, thank goodness).  I then cut off the light blue edging from the template and cut the dark blue parts out.  When I was done, my template was all cut up, but all my modeling chocolate pieces were exactly what I needed.  I put everything together and the different levels of the modeling chocolate made it not so flat and gave it an extra little layer of dimension to it.


  1. Je découvre ton blog et je suis admirative devant tes réalisations.
    See soon.

  2. i think the logo is extremely well done!

  3. That's perfect! I have a groom's cake due next month and that's the logo he wants! I'm a little nervous since I've never done one like that before. You did a great job!


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