Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Mario Mushroom Cake

I did a groom's cake for a big Mario Bros. fan this past weekend.  When I initially met with the couple, they wanted a 3D mushroom, but finally decided that a flat cutout cake fit their budget a little better.

As I was running around getting ready to do this cake, I ran across this perfectly spherical mixing bowl that I bought at IKEA some time ago.  It just screamed "perfect mushrooms shape" so I threw some batter in it and popped it in the oven.  It came out so great that I knew I would go ahead and make the cake the way the couple REALLY wanted it.

I delivered this cake, along with their wedding cake, to the Walden Club in Chattanooga.  This place has such a beautiful view.  I hope they both were surprised!


  1. Lovely! One day I will have to do a Mario cake.

  2. Awwww. Really cute and totally awesome of you to make their wedding extra special with the 3-D cake they wanted. =)

  3. Adorable! So clever.
    Lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  4. Ok my boyfriend and I are BIG TIME super mario fans! Love it

  5. Hi, love the cake, i've made a mario cake before, http://emilyscakery.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/mario-galaxy-luigi-birthday-cake.html
    but this time i'm making a mushroom one for a little boy's 5th birthday! How do you stop the top from sinking into the base?
    Thanks, Emily's Cakery!

    1. Hi Emily! Your Mario cake turned out cute! For the mushroom cake, just make sure your mushroom "cap" is on its own cake board and make sure you use supports in the base cake. I like drinking straws for supports, but you can use dowels, plastic columns, bubble tea straws, etc. just treat it like a 2-tiered cake and it should be fine! :)


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