Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monogram Wedding at the Grandview

This past weekend, we drove this little 4 tiered wedding cake up Lookout Mountain and delivered it to the Grand View Hotel. It is such a beautiful location with the most amazing view.

This cake was fairly simple, all buttercream, with swiss dots, gumpaste calla lillies, and a ribbon border.  For the monogram, I broke out my new Cricut Cake machine and cut them out of modeling chocolate.  Technically, it was made using candy melts (so they would be bright white), so I guess you would call that candy clay.

I took a couple of shots of this cake as I was cooling off the cakemobile, but it was SO bright out that it caused some bad shadows on my pictures.  I'm still semi-happy with them though.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great week.  Pop back in on Friday to see the groom's cake that accompanied this cake!


  1. Each tier of the cake is so perfect! Very elegant!

  2. Love it!!! So simple and elegant, great job!

  3. Beautiful cake! Almost too pretty to eat.

  4. Another wonderful creation.


  5. Beautiful! Don't you just love that Cricut Cake!

  6. It's a very beautiful cake! I love that you buttercream doesn't melt at all in the sun and so so beautiful! Decorator's Icing?

  7. Oh Faithy, my buttercream does melt! These outside photo shoots are very quick and then the cake goes back into the extra cold fridge. I use a French buttercream for most of my cakes. It has eggs, sugar syrup and ALL butter. I added some white liquid color to this cake to counter act the ivory color of my icing. I love the taste, not too sweet and melts in your mouth!

  8. Wow! That monogram wedding cake is really beautiful and unique. Also, it's mouth watering. Thanks for sharing this post to us.


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