Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peach Monogram Eyelet Wedding Cake

Are you other decorators out there getting lots of requests for peach and coral wedding cakes this season?  They must be popular colors, because almost every couple I meet with has one of those colors in their mind.

This couple wanted some touches of that peach color in their wedding cake, and they wanted that eyelet lace look also.  For this look, Fondarific made this cake possible.  It's my go-to fondant when I need to cut shapes out without worrying about it stretching or deforming.  But it still has to be pliable enough to wrap around a cake without cracking or getting elephant skin.

Any cake that also features mine and Chaddy's initials also holds a special place in my heart.  Sometimes I wish that I was doing cakes when Chad and I got married, but then again, how could I have ever chosen a design??


  1. I love visiting your blog right after I finish my own blog post to see what wonderful creation you have made. Love that color! It reminds me of a cool creamsicle too! Beautiful square perfect tiers!!

  2. Simply beautiful! Reminds me of a creamsicle, too. I would be happy if my buttercream was even half as perfect as yours!!

  3. Aww, thanks you guys! Juanita, I have noticed we're on similar blog schedules too. I look forward to Tuesdays so I see your latest masterpieces!

  4. oh, I love the eyelet lace design! So pretty!

  5. A gorgeous wedding cake! I love the colours!

  6. That peach monogram eyelet wedding cake is really beautiful and awesome. I like it! Thumbs up for sharing.


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