Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chocolate Glock Groom's Cake

I was so stoked when I met with this couple and they indicated they would like to have a Glock 9mm pistol as a groom's cake.  I'm not a gun fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the thought of sculpting a gun and making a "lidded" cake design really excited me and got my creative juices flowing.

That's what happens in cake decorating and design; you get really excited about the idea, and then the "how in the heck do I make this real" hits you square between the eyes.

My first challenge...  how do you make an edible gun?  This one actually turned out easier than I expected.  Thanks to the Wide Wide World of Web, we found profile pictures of a Glock and the dimensions.  This allowed us to print out a scale model of the gun.  We then laminated and cut out the gun.  We rolled out modeling chocolate to the approximate thickness of the gun and put the template on top and just cut out the profile.  Once that was finished, it was as simple as using our sculpting tools and impression mats to make pieces to build out the gun.  I wish it would have come out a little cleaner, but it still looked really good!

The gun was complete, but we still had to make the cake case and figure out that lid.  We took a lot of photos of the armature we made, so click below to see how it was all done!

We struggled for a night on exactly how to make cake sit at an angle.  Other decorators have done it, and we know that it can indeed be done.  We also figured out that with unfinished orders and time refusing to stop, we had to resort to plan B... an inedible lid.  The contract didn't specify an edible lid (in fact the bride was very aware that the lid would probably not be edible) and we didn't need it to be edible for serving reasons.

We decided on using wood as our lid material.  We would go on to brush it with piping gel and cover it with modeling chocolate. Chaddy got a pattern for the case (that we had used for the cake) and used it to cut out the wooden lid as well.  He used a circular saw and a jigsaw to get it cut out precisely.

Have you ever played with a door hinge?  OK, so maybe not, but you know how they work, right?  Flip them one way, and they close fully.  Flip them the other way and they "catch" at about a 45 degree angle.  That was how we intended to get our lid at the correct angle.

We measured the cake part of the gun case and stacked 1x2 boards to equal the height of the cake (about 3 inches).  We covered those boards with cake foil (to make them "disappear") and then screwed them into the cake board (which was also wood).

Once the lid was decorated, we screwed the hinges into our spacer block of wood and than all we had to do was slide the cake (the bottom half of the gun case) into proper position.

The rest, as they say... is history.  Thanks for sticking around for this extra long post / tutorial.  Have a great week, y'all!!


  1. Very cool cake and design. I never thought I'd say that about a gun. I just love fun cakes like this - thanks for sharing how you constructed it too!

  2. Woah, That is Terrific!! I always wanted to see someone do this because it is the exact way that I would think to do it, but you proved it would work!!
    Terrific work, it's flawless

  3. Wow! What a feat! It looks fantastic.

  4. Amazing work and details with the gun. The cake turned out awesome Jenn.


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