Friday, May 13, 2011

Vendor Spolight: Imagine That! Playhouses

I have blogged about my brother the woodworker before and all of the creative cake stands he makes.  He has his shop setup in a mini warehouse close to his home.  It's nice for him to have all his tools and materials in one place. The new news I have about him is that he is now offering cake boards as part of his product line.  Check out his Etsy Shop, you may be able to save some money!

I stopped by his shop the other day to pick up some cake boards and he wanted to introduce me to his shop neighbor, Joshua Bartlett.  Joshua owns Imagine That! Playhouses and More.  They make uber cool playhouses like the one to the left.  They also make playhouses like pirate ships too.  And while most children's playhouses are built rather shoddily, Joshua builds his playhouses to the same specs as real houses!  While this product certainly isn't cake or even wedding related, I was so smitten with these playhouses that I just had to feature them here on my blog!

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