Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Filauer Lake House Lace Wedding Cake

This weekend we were SO busy with wedding cakes, but our last stop of the day was at the Filauer Lake House in Cleveland, TN where we delivered this four tiered fondant wedding cake.

This cake was a deep champagne color, and the bride wanted lots of lace flowers on the second tier and a band of lace flowers on the bottom tier.  The bow and brooch are made from fondant, as well as the pearl borders.  I used every lace mold I had, cutting around the rest of the design to just leave the flowery bits.

The flowers (see pic below) are gumpaste peonies that the bride wanted a deep fuchsia to match her wedding decor.  I airbrushed them with several coats and colors of pink to give it just the right color.  And everything in the kitchen got a thin coat of pink overspray!  I should have used my little paint booth!!

Here's a picture of the entire cake for those that want to see the whole thing!


  1. love it! elegant, lovely colours

  2. Gorgeous! The lace flowers are beautiful - I love love my lace molds!

  3. I am in love with those lace flowers. Beautiful job!!!

  4. @cccris - Thank you!

    @Kristen - I love my lace molds too and I am already on the hunt for more!

    @Deeva - You are too S-W-E-E-T!

    @Lyndsay - Thanks, but I was far from in love when I was up til 1am making them! :)

  5. Great details on the cake, the lace flowers are just so perfect.

  6. Very elegant , love the colours and the lace flowers

  7. Wow! This wedding cake is indeed jaw dropping. It's simply gorgeous and amazing. Wow!


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