Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Quartermaster Groom's Cake

I am posting this week's post a day early in celebration of Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is more than just an extra day that we get off work to grill hamburgers and have picnics.  It is a day to honor, remember, and thank all the brave men and women who have sacrificed for us and our country.

This Quartermaster Groom's Cake that we delivered to the Lookout Mountain Golf Club this weekend couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  Our groom here was a member of the Quartermaster Corps, and this cake is a recreation of their insignia.  My research tells me that the Quartermaster Corps is a sustainment branch, meaning they supply troops with food, fuel, supplies, and other necessities.  Probably a good guy to befriend on the battlefield, huh?

Due to time and budget limitations, we opted for the majority of the decorations to be edible images.  I did make the sword and key out of gumpaste and used luster dusts to match the gold on the cake.  I was very pleased with how the cake turned out and hope the couple was also.

Have a great week and stop back in on Friday for out next installment!


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